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Image by Hans Ripa


Seize the Flavor

The craft of an epic coffee and quick bite runs in our cores. As a local farmer and registered nurse, we know what it's like to be on-the-go and too busy to make a good meal. We believe the days of fast food as the only option are over and people are seeking better ways to recharge. We are what we eat after all!

We care deeply about the quality and taste of each bite, each cup, even when you are in a rush. We are proud to be involved in the coffee making process- from picking the best roaster to bringing out the unique flavors and aromas from the bean. We can't wait to welcome you for a comforting cup of coffee, sandwich, soup, salad, or what ever else you may find appetizing when you arrive! 

Our goal is to partner with the local farmers and producers to bring farm-fresh ingredients to the table. This way we hope to build our community, provide opportunity, spotlight local leaders, and share the town of Nelson, Missouri with travelers from near and far!

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